Signal Intelligence Challenge 2023


The Story

This year, we shift our eyes from up in the sky to down below our feet, where a hightech species of dwarves mine for the mystical adamantine. Glorisibelle Metalchin is in search of a worthy successor of her mining business, and has set up a challenge to find an adamantine vein. The first to succeed in this challenge will be named as her successor and therefore will have to tools at hand to mine said adamantine vein. A dwarf named Thraldronlir Orebuckle has made contact with us surface-dwellers in hopes that we can aid him in finding the adamantine and beat the others competitors. So, @TV#Time to burrow!#isic


  • Time frame: 02.11.2023 - 22.11.2023 (submission closes on 22.11.2023 23:59)
  • Frequency: 863-870 MHz
  • Kick-off Event: 02.11.2023, 19:00 at CEL (Seminarraum 2.OG)
  • Registration is open through the duration of the challenge
  • For participation, you need teams of 2 to 4 students. Knowledge of communication engineering and cryptographie is helpful.
  • The Kick-off Event is intended to form teams, so you don't need to do that beforehand!
  • We rent out SDR-dongles (for free) for the duration of the challenge

Communication & Handing in results

During the competition, to communicate with other participants and the organizers you can use our Matrix room. Also keep an eye since hints or additional challenges might appear there.

The system to hand in solutions is our CTF system. You can monitor your team's progress there. We will show off how to create teams in the kick-off event.


Rules are identical to last year, we will notify participants before the challenge starts is changes occur.

  • Global rankings of groups will be posted in even intervals during the challenge.
  • Problems tend to consist of multiple levels, so it is worth it to analyse them in detail!
  • Not all problems are send over the air, mind other hints, for example on our webpage or the in the matrix group!
  • Handing in false solutions does not result in point-deduction. However, obvious brute-force-attacks will result in your team being disqualified!
  • Each problem solution (secret) will award your team with 100 points.
  • The fastest teams gain bonus points.
  • The team collecting most points during the challenge wins. In case of a tie, we will hold a quiz concerning topics of the challenge until a winner is found.
  • The jury can provide hints to find the signals. This information might reduce the amount of points given for the solution of this problem.

Prize ceremony

The prize ceremony is held in the context of the yearly Thanksgiving Event of the IEEE Student Branch Karlsruhe on November 23, starting at 19:00 at CEL. Every contestant is invited to this free of charge event, there is no registration necessary.

Additionally to the prize ceremony, there will be an interesting presentation! Exact details on the topic will follow shortly before the event.